My Story

One day, I was at my office job, sitting at my desk, bored out of my mind, and alternately staring at the clock on the wall, the clock on my computer, and the clock on my phone. I suddenly realized that those small ticks of that second hand represented the seconds of my life I was wasting. I decided right then and there to put in my notice, and start living my dreams while I was still alive to have any. This is a dream that I once dismissed and never dared to allow to leave my pillow. Baking is one of my loves. Creating delicious works of art is one of my passions. Spreading happiness through food brings me happiness,too. 

I want to help you live the life you want. I want to help you create the perfect moment, whether that moment is smashing cake on your brand new spouse's face, watching your brand new 1 year old baby smash cake on his own face, celebrating your teenager turning into an adult,  or simply curling up on the couch with some delicious macarons and binge watching your favorite show. It's a lot of the little moments that make up a life. Let me help you make that life a little sweeter.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stay for dessert!


My name is Hillary, I'm a 20-something year old based in Chicago, and my business comprises of one employee (myself) one part-time volunteer (my husband), and lots of sugar.